docomo Smart Parking system offers a new type of car parking for users to book in
advance through their smart phones.
The closest car park is spotted with the help of a special app before booking. All you need to do is to park your car at the parking site you just booked. The sensor automatically detects that your car is parked. You can also drive away hassle-free.
Parking fees are calculated to the minimum unit of one minute and automatically paid through your registered credit card.
Note: As of June 13, 2016, trials of the system are in progress with partner companies including Coin Park, Sharing Service, Prestige International, Premier Mobile Solution and other selected car parks in Tokyo.
Repl-Al is a platform that readily enables customization of a chatbot for business use.
For instance, even a simple greeting like “Hello” may be responded to in different ways depending on the situation.
With Repl-al, you can design the dialogue as you like for smooth communication to be used in your own setting.
A chatbot can be created in this way. The automatic answering function ensures uninterrupted conversation even if unexpected situations arise. Why not create your own chatbot with a Japanese-style of attentiveness?
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“ec-CONCIER” is the solution that allows you to directly approach the customers visiting your eCommerce website and improve conversions.
The offers are efficiently distributed within customized user segments and continuously optimized with sophisticated machine learning algorithm.
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39Geopla is a Geofencing platform providing services that unify GPS, Wi-Fi,Beacons, and more.
Developers can obtain the SDK and the log data. Additionally, the setting of Geofences can be controlled via a web console.
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