Co-creating Tomorrow’s Lifestyle

The 39works story

Small actions that we take today to create a better future may
become major innovations that support tomorrow’s lifestyle.

Services that we create and foster may make someone happy tomorrow.
39works seeks to co-create tomorrow’s lifestyle.

Start Small, Grow Big 39works innovation program

Sparing no time in getting small ideas up and running. A program grounded in rapid repetition of the PDCA cycle, while probing market value and moving to nurture resourceful concepts into pioneering new services.

Cross-pollinating our own forte fields with those of precious partners. Deploying precision project platforms to support integrated execution of the “planning, development, operation and maintenance” blueprint.

From Good Experiment to Good Experience That, is what we do.

  • 1 Create problem-solving ideas and concepts in cooperation with the market.
  • 2 Open the development process and share the experience of creating real services
  • 3 Release and run next-generation services, to both resolve social issues and generate practical benefits.

Those that support the 39works

39works Information Collaborate with us

Let’s work and grow together! For those interested in partnering with 39works
We organize imaginative events to provide collaboration opportunities.

We’ve opened a satellite office!
2F 2-22-3 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0002